Shaheen Foundation

Shaheen Airport Services

SAPS to remain preferred Ground Handling Agent in Pakistan.

Our ethic is founded in the integrity of our company and those who work in it. Our independence is the guarantee of our legitimacy.TRANSPARENCY AND CUSTOMER LOYALTYTransparency is an essential condition for building and preserving customer loyalty, and we value it completely.
Our corporate spirit is rooted in knowledge, firmness, and a sense of commitment. We learn from every situation and we share this knowledge, in order to enhance our individual and collective experience to improve our capabilities.
We strive to improve what we offer, for the greater good of business and people. Technical and technological advances help us achieve progress in our knowledge and innovation, in order to build services and serve our customers better.
Across the world, our relations are based on respect for people, their talents and lasting contribution, without the discrimination of race, breed, or region.

  •       Vision

    To be the leader in the real estate rental service industry by empowering innovation and having satisfied clients.

  •       Mission

    To provide quality services and friendly environment to our clients and their customers. We are committed in facilitating our clients with exceptionally enviable and safe working conditions, geared-up towards clients satisfaction and employees motivation.

  •       Objectives

    To ensure that the service facilities installed at the building are operated by trained & experienced staff and maintained in the most optimal operating condition at all times